Monday, May 05, 2008

COLLABORATION WITH KOTRT AT PENANG HILL (well known as Ice Kacang Ride) on Saturday, May 3rd

Date : 3-May-08
Time : 8.30am (started 8.40am KOTRT time!)
Trail : Youth Park >Jeep Track >168>Tiger Hill >Iron Cross >Terrapin Trail >AID >Air Itam >Youth Park
Distance : ~30km
KOTRT riders : Azmi, Adrian, Chew, Malik(DNC), Moon, Ong, Rin, ST.
TRM riders: Lt Ramly, Wan Shahidan Jr, Loso, Haslizan, Hj Shuib, Sohaimee, Wan Shahidan , Shuhazi, Man MPK, & Hj Nan

The wrecking crew from left; Wan Mohd TRM, Loso TRM, Zan TRM, Adrian KOTRT, Chew KOTRT, ST KOTRT, Hj Shuib TRM, Sohaimee TRM, Shahidan TRM, Lt Ramly KOTRT/TRM, Malik KOTRT, Ong, Moon KOTRT, Shuhazi TRM, Man TRM, Hj Nan TRM & Rin KOTRT.
Re-grouping before we start our climb!
ST, Ong, Andrian, Chew & Rin.. KOTRT's discussing the strategy..!! ;)

TRM folks & Moon take a breather @ Pt 84.
Krgystan lady so happy she beat some of the riders up 168!
Man & Rin.. outstanding ride from both.. makan apa hangpa ni?
ST & Sohaimee almost there..

Shuhazi manages a grin on his way to 168..

Harta pesaka tu dah faraid ka?
Zan with Loso hot on his heels er wheels, cranks up to 168!

Dok tengok apa tu Moon?
Some people will discard anything just to reach 168!

Hj Shuib & Lt Ramly..sampai dah tu!

Rin leads the pack to "gerek" Tiger Hill!

With great honor KOTRT present their colors to..Lt Ramly! Mana aci KOTRT..!!

TRM sampling the local delicacies at Pg Hill food court..sedap!

...ride to eat?

Loso's show off... tests the limits of his Blur LT!

Kawan jatuh kita gelak...

Short break after the rolling sections of Tiger Hill..

Azmi; no wonder he so strong..!! hehe ;-)

KOTRT's secret rendezvous...!!!
KOTRT; thanks for the lunch, ride & for the precious hospitality especially Azmi, Shamoon, Rin & the rest..!!!

Helmet & gear take up a table as well!

*Thank you Mohamed Azmi for sending me the photos & some descriptions

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