Saturday, November 15, 2008


Akhirnya setelah 5 bulan menunggu Pannier Deuter RackPack Uni selamat diterima oleh TRM. Pannier yang berharga RM209.00 di import oleh Deuter Malaysia atas tempahan kami. Kepada rakan-rakan yang berminat untuk memilikinya, masih terdapat 10 unit lagi.
Projek TRM seterusnya adalah Bicycle Tours .....

Maka untuk itu ini sikit info pasai Bicycle touring.
Bicycle touring is a leisure travel activity which involves travelling by bicycle for the pleasure of the journey rather than through need or to race. The range of cycling which the words cover varies from country to country. In some they imply a journey of two or more days. In others, bicycle touring encompasses long-distance challenges such as Paris-Brest-Paris and means all but competitive and utility cycling.Distances vary considerably. Depending on fitness, speed and the number of stops, the rider usually covers between 50–150 kilometres (30–90 mi) per day. A short tour over a few days may cover as little as 200 kilometres (120 mi) and a long tour may go right across a country or around the world.
There are many different types of bicycle touring:
  • In lightweight touring—informally called credit-card touring among cyclists—the rider carries a minimum of equipment and a lot of money. Overnight accommodation is in youth hostels, hotels, pensions or B&Bs. Food is bought at cafes, restaurants or markets.

  • In fully-loaded touring (also known as self-supported touring) cyclists carry everything they need, including food, cooking equipment, and a tent for camping. Some travellers go ultralight with basic supplies, food, and a bivy.
  • Expedition touring means travelling extensively, often through developing nations or remote areas. The bicycle is loaded with food, spares, tools, and camping equipment so that the traveller is largely self-supporting.In supported touring a motor vehicle carries most of the rider's equipment. This can be organized independently by groups of cyclists or commercial holiday companies. These companies sell places on guided tours, including booked lodging, luggage transfers, route planning and often meals and rental bikes.

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Darren Alff - Bicycle Touring Pro said...

You've collected some cool bicycle touring pictures. You've even got some Deuter panniers featured in your article. Very interesting. It seems like I've read the article before however. Am I mistaken?