Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Junior Open (16-20 years old)
Participant: 32
Laps: 8 (12 km)
All podium sweep by the Indonesian

Elite Men's Open (21-35 years old)
Participant: 47
Laps:14 (21 km)
Winner: Shahrin Amir (Selangor)

Veteran A Open (35- 40 years old)
Participant: 18
Laps: 5 ( 7.5 km)
Winner: Muhammed Iruwin Salim (Singapore)

Veteran B Open ( 41 above)
Participant: 29
Laps: 4 (6 km)
Winner: Wan Shahidan Yahya (Perlis)

Team Open
Participant: 16 Teams
Lap: 4 ( Relay 1 lap each rider)
Detail result will be updated once recieve from Malaysian Secretariat

Saturday Jun, 13th: Practice lap at Bukit Beta, Samusir (910 metres above sea level)

D Day Jun, 14th: Early in the morning in the front of Amaroba Hotel, Tuk Tuk, Samusir

Junior Open

Elite Men's Open

Dik Man 3 from right

Veteran B

Tok Wan No 130

Tok Wan Champion in Veteran B as predicted, surroundings by the Indonesian

Dik Man finished 9th/47 in Elite Men's Open.. Not bad as a rookie..!!!
Pic with Elite Men's Open Winner's, Shahrin Amir from Selangor

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