Wednesday, September 09, 2009

KPLR09~Ride Detail

Start and Finish: All rides Start/Finish at Padang Katong, Kangar (N6⁰ 26.452 E100⁰ 11.900)
Goal: N06⁰ 59.851 E100⁰ 28.278 (Hotel coordinate)
Route: Kangar-Wang Kelian-Hatyai-Padang Besar-Kangar
Distance: 224 km
Rides Director: Lt. Comd (R) Ramli Abdullah a.k.a KGB
Cruising Speed Guide Line:

  • Slow: 25 kmh-
  • Medium: 25 kmh+
  • Fast: 30 kmh+
Type: Mtb, Rigid, Hybrid & RB
Format: Supported
Closing Date: 28th Sept 2009 (Limited to 150 riders only)
The Rides:
  • 17th Oct Time 07.00-Meet at Padang Katong, Kangar Perlis. Short brief by KGB and ZanKX. On completion start ride. Route Pdg Katong-Wang Kelian KM37. Regroup at Wang Kelian for documentation & breakfast. Lunch at KM 95. Day 1 finish at 132km
  • 18th Oct Time 13.00-Regroup for departure. Route Hatyai-Sadao-Padang Besar-Kangar. Regroup at Padang Besar for documentation KM50. Day 2 complete at 92km
Rule of The Road and The Ride:
  • Know your pace and be in group i.e. Slow, Medium or Fast
  • For safety reasons "NO SOLO RIDE" or showing "KAMIKAZE RIDE"
  • KPLR 2009 @ Long Distance Ride are suitable for all level from beginners to hardcore. Rides include some moderate hill climbs
  • Bring your own snack food, fluids and drink for/on the ride
  • Spare cash money at least 300 Baht (May change at Wang Kelian)
  • Bring spare tubes, pump and some pocket food
  • Medium group rides are recreational and those excited and wanting to test their fitness, join fast group. No speed limit!
  • Registration for KPLR is RM50.00 only including accommodation (sharing 3 persons), T-Shirt and support car
  • If you need to be alone, let us know. But you have to pay RM 60.00 accommodation, RM 20.00 T-Shirt & RM10.00 for support team
  • ZanKX ~H/phone 019 5775488 @ 012 4411488 (Perlis, Jitra & Alor Setar) CIMB Bank Acc No: 09020007034057 for HASLIZAN HASSAN
  • RamlySP~H/phone 012 9385016 (SP, Baling & Gurun) AFFIN BANK Acc No: 205110638688 for RAMLY ABDULLAH
  • Estima~H/phone 019 5587511 (Manjung, Perak & Selatan)
  • Tok Megat~H/phone 013 4331909 @ 012-4235551 (Kulim, Gerek Gunung, MKH & Penang) MBB Acc No: 107117294127 for MEGAT ABD HALIM
Before Your Ride:
  • Make sure your bike is in good condition. Get slick or semi-slick tires
  • Bring/check your spare tubes, pump, some pocket food
  • Border pass, International Passport, Group Passport
  • Cash money at least 300 Baht
  • Hand phone

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