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Start : 08.45
Finsih : 16.00
Dist. : 60.2km (shortcut)
“Rentas Desa With Lt Ramly & TRM”
(by Norazmi KOTRT)
Date : 19-Apr-08
Trail : Sintok – Padang Sanai – Puncak Janing – Sintok
Distance : ~ 60km
KOTRT Rider : Azmi, Mooon & Wei Liang
TRM Crew : Lt Ramly, Haslizan, Shuhazi, Cikgu Zul @ Loso, Hj Shuib, Sohaimee, Chief Insp Safuan, Wan Shahidan Sr & Jr.

My alarm went off at 5.00am! Wakey! Wakey! Time to get out of bed and prepare for a long day. I arrived at Moon’s residence 6.00am sharp. Wei Liang arrived shortly and we loaded up and were on our way meet Lt Ramly at Changloon.

Lt gave me a call around 6.45am to check our location. We had just passed Kuala Sg Muda. I supposed he wanted to make sure we would get to our meeting place on time. We arrived just 5 minutes past 7.00am. Lt was already waiting for us and after a short exchange of greetings we continued our drive to UUM Sintok where the rest of the TRM crew would meet.

We parked our car in an open area just after the guard house across the UUM quarters. The rest of the TRM crew arrived shortly. Lt introduced us to the TRM merry band and I found out what TRM actually stood for; Titi Raja Muda; a popular meeting place for them before they start their ride. O-kay.

We rolled out of the car park in a single file as the trunk road was narrow and some parts were in dire need of repair. The 16km road section was actually hilly with a series of rolling hills; no wonder the TRM crew with the exception of Safuan all rode hard tails! Luckily, the cool morning air and overcast sky was a nice “comforting cushion” but I was more concerned how we would fare later in the day on our way back when the scorching sun comes out to play! Oh, well…we’ll worry about that later.

At the trail head, we regrouped before we ventured off road to the logging trail. Lt set and checked his GPS coordinates as they got lost the last time they deviated and took a different junction in the middle of the logging trail. We discovered to our dismay the over night rain made the trail very challenging to ride as the thick and sticky mud adhered to every part of our bike, gradually bogging bike and rider down! We were forced to stop a few times to clear the mud off our bikes and getting off our bikes only made it worse as the mud clung on to our shoes as well! Bigfoot came readily to mind! After a series of climbs the group broke up. We waited for the rest to regroup. However, after a long 40 minute wait the second group still did not show up. The poor mobile reception in the area made it impossible for us to check what was holding the guys behind. We collectively decided to turn back and look for them. That was to be a real blessing in disguise!

We came across a mechanic working on a bulldozer. Loso checked if he has seen our friends and he informed us the guys had turned back and taken the other trail towards the Puncak Janing recreational park. Just as we entered the trail junction, Loso received a text message confirming the guys had indeed turned back and were on their way to Puncak Janing recreational park. Lucky thing we turned back when we did!

The trail here was much friendlier probably because it wasn’t used by the logging trucks. It reminded me of the trails in Sungai Sedim. It was a mix of loose gravel and hard pack. Surprisingly we caught up with the guys just as they were about to exit the trail to the trunk road towards the recreational park.

It was another short road ride before we got to the park. The TRM guys didn’t waste much time getting into the river for a soothing dip while some of us broke out our lunch pack. After a long break and rest, it was time to go! The TRM guys were undecided to take another route back but decided against it in case the other trail turned out to be far worse than the muddy trail we were on earlier. Anyway, like it or not we still had to back track to get back to the main road to Sintok. Halfway out, we had to stop a few times; once it was for a broken chain, then a punctured tire and eventually for a “punctured” rider! We regrouped at the junction before we continued with the road section. The rolling hills beckoned while the afternoon sun teased. We had the scorching sun on our backs and the heat from the ground to keep us company for the next 16km! Sweet!

I was counting the mile stones all the way back to the car park! 10km…6km…5km…3km…1km…YES! I was never happier to see my parked Ranger! Slowly one by one the riders returned. I was then informed by Haslizan to pick Wei Liang up some where along the 10km mark as he was too tired to continue the ride. Moon came in shortly before I left to pick Wei Liang. After a short drive (it sure didn’t feel short though when I was on my bike!) sure enough a very grateful Wei Liang was resting at a make shift roadside drink stall.

We loaded up his bike and sped back to the car park. It started to rain just before we arrived at the car park. The rest of the guys were already dressed and resting in a roadside coffee shop. It rained heavily and we had keropok while waiting for Moon to clean himself up. He even left his bike in the rain to help clean off the mud and muck! The minute the rain eased up, we thanked and bade everyone farewell and God Willing we’ll do another ride soon!

It rained cats and dogs on and off all the way along the high way till we reached Sg Dua toll. Luckily traffic at the bridge wasn’t heavy. It was already 7.05pm by the time I drop Moon and Wei Liang off! Moon mentioned this was the second longest ride he ever did, 6 hours plus of saddle time! Even the Prez ride didn’t take him that long to complete!

Kudos and Ribuan Terima Kasih to Lt and the TRM crew for organizing this MUDmorable ride. We hope to reciprocate a scenic and breathtaking ride for them soon!

1. Shuhazi 2. RamlySP 3. Azmi 4. Wei Liang 5. ZanKX 6. Wan Jr 7. Loso 8. Hj 9. Wan 10. Sohaimee 11. Safuan
Shamoon berpakaian merah
Ayat pertama Talas bila nampak semua bawa ekor keras.." sudah, semua bawa hardtail..!!"

Kasih pada yang satu.. Shamoon dgn Ellsworth Truthnya
Azmi yang mengganas di Janing juga menggunakan Truth
Hehe.. muka tension
Wei Liang the Skull bawa Moment
Azmi & RamlySP
Azmi & Hj
Truth Shamoon meragam pada awal offroad
Penangan Hutan Janing

Gerek RamlySP pancit sewaktu perjalanan balik
Dok bincang pasal malam nanti ka?

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