Friday, March 19, 2010

INAUGURAL RUN'10- The Complimentary

It gave us great pleasure to have participated in RUN10. Doubtlessly this has been the best organized MTB event we had been into. Lately, MTB jamborees are plenty. But organizers of RUN10 had certainly put a big hearts into their event. It was definitely a jamboree made out of “passion”.
All along, we didn’t see individuals from Perlis MTB Club prevailing themselves, instead they made the event prevails the best that they were. Throughout , smiles were everywhere…..the check-point marshals, army personnel and the young ladies were naturally helpful with plenty of cheerfulness.
The biggest thing that anyone could have ex amplified from Perlis MTB Club was the way the food was served. “GO and help yourself” its true meaning…..while other jamborees emphasize coupons or caterers to put food on our plates, you guys treat us riders civilized – how much could we have eaten especially after a long ride ?
Punctuality was also superb, the Raja Muda arrived 3 minutes before the flag-off. Our YB in Penang were late during the jamboree and we were flag-off 45mins later.
A great appreciation goes to friends like Haslizan, Wa Don, DikMan, RamlySP, LongMie and all the rest that were involved in this splendid inaugural RUN10. You guys had certainly raised the benchmark way up. RUN10 will be an event we will look forward to in the years ahead. It will be an MTB pilgrimage up to Kangar yearly.

Thank you,

Syed & Princilia.

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Long Mie said...

Tears in my eyes ...... Thanks Syed and Princillia